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but i think where there are issues that have to happen directly and if there are problems needs to be communicated to the enforcement agency immediately. especially if you can't get people to commit. i think that what is also forgotten, this is a public space. this is not owned by the owners of those buildings and that is the problem, i think, behind the difference of opinion here. this is a space of the public. and that is why we are here and if you wanted to close it off, you could have taken different steps. proper steps, which you didn't do, probably because it was time-costly and just costly and instead you went ahead and tried to do that on your own and i find that deeply problematic. you tried to get around a process that does exist and you violated the rules and now when compliance falls on deaf ears,
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it's striking to me that we're here. yeah, i would like to have confidence that dbi is going to make sure that everything is done properly. dpw makes sure everything is level and that access happens. i want that to happen. it's got to happen. i mean it will only result in bad things for everybody here, whether it was the board that does anything or not. but i think what people need to recognize it's a public space. people can bring their cars into that space in order to pick up people and get their car out. they are not going to park it there. especially if you have to go to the hospital. so i find that just very basic, fundamental issue that needs to sort of resonate with you all. because it's not going to change whether we make a decision here or not today. that it goes with you or goes
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against you. unfortunately i think this process is being used in a way that will not get the appellants exactly what the appellants want or need and i have to have hope that the city agencies here to enforce the codes will do it properly and have hope when it's not being done or there are further violations that they will be there to respond. so other than that, i don't think -- i don't think there is going to be enough votes to revoke, even if spirit i would like that to happen. but i just wish that we don't -- these issues get resolved among yourselves, but if they don't, you have to rely on agencies for enforcement. we're not having a back and
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forth right now. >> i mean i agree. it is frustrating to see two groups of people month after month after month not being able to speak to each other about something that is clearly very important to all of the residents. to have this gate. for safety issues, for accessibility issues, it's very frustrating and instead of having this conversation in this forum, it would be much easier, it would seem to me. rather than going through this whole process with all of these people in the room to talk to each other and if there are problems to call dbi and have dbi come out and dpw come out of the we can't go out there and do anything about the gate. i am concerned about the problems with the gate and accessibility, but we can't fix those things and to just come in here and say revoke the
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permit is not really getting us anywhere. so it's frustrating to see that there is not that ability to communicate on a very basic level. so i don't think the solution here is to revoke the permit either. all i can do is try to impress upon you what president hwang said to talk to each other and if there are problems to go to dbi or dpw and this is not the forum to solve those problems. >> did you make a motion? >> i will move to uphold the permit on the basis that it is code-compliant. >> okay. there is a by the vice president to uphold the permit on the basis it's code-compliant on that motion, president hwang?
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>> aye. >> commissioner hurtado? >> aye. >> commissioner lazarus? >> aye. >> commissioner honda? >> aye. >> that motion is upheld and president hwang that concludes the business before this meeting. >> we're adjourned. [ gavel ]
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